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Media Strategy

We select the appropriate mailing lists for the relevance of our clients campaigns.

Likewise we select the mailing list that would most likely respond to our client's needs.

We are also flexible in terms of client's budgeting per marketing list or campaigns.


Marketing Lists

In the email marketing business, we ensure to constantly cleanse our lists and seperate business mailing lists from the consumers.

We do not use generated lists as it is against our ethics.


Digital Marketing

With new businesses coming up every now and then we make it an effort to keep up with our mailing lists and marketing strategies for smooth and efficient campaigns from one-off mail out to multiple mailing campaigns.



UX/Interactive Design

We work with web designers who can prepare top grade business websites for a fee if a client requires a website makeover or creation.

Prices varies.


Branding & Identity

By joining hands with our partners in SEO and

Website Branding we assist our clients to get

their web presence improved and attain single digit placement on the search engines within 3 to 6 months depending on various factors like keywords, niches, industry competition and special features of their websites.

Spam Compliancy

In our business it is our perogative to assure our clients that we are working within the legal constraints of the marketing aspect we handle for them. We comply with the Can-Spam policy and our lists and services DO NOT work against the DNC registry and we provide Prefix and List Removal for all our campaigns.




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